Perspectives on Two Centuries of Norwegian Language Planning and Policy
Ernst Håkon Jahr (ed.) , 2018

Within Scandinavian linguistics, two specific fields of study have aroused particular interest among linguistic scientists around the world: Old Norse and Norwegian language planning. There have long been conferences on Old Norse studies, but until now there have been no scholarly meetings which Norse have been dedicated specifically to the field of language policy and planning in modern Norway. The fact that Norwegian language policy has received so in much international attention is primarily due to the work of Einar Haugen (1906–1994), whose influential theoretical language planning model was based mainly on empirical data based on the development of the modern Norwegian language. His seminal 1966 book Language planning and language conflict: the case of modern Norwegian, together with a number of his other works, laid the foundation for research in Language Planning as a separate area within the broader subject of linguistics.

The first international symposium on Norwegian language planning and policy was held in Kristiansand at the University of Agder in 2016. This volume presents a variety of perspectives on two centuries of Norwegian language planning and policy, and contains theoretical as well as more dataoriented approaches to the topic.

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  • Ernst Håkon Jahr (ed.) , 2018
  • Perspectives on Two Centuries of Norwegian Language Planning and Policy
  • Acta Academiae Regiae Gustavi Adolphi 152
  • ISBN: 9789187403309
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