Arv. Nordic Yearbook of Folklore
Årgång: 2010


  • Laugerud, Henning: Memory Stored and Reactivated – Some Introductory Reflections
  • Bakke, Jørgen: The Tears of Odysseus. Memory and Visual Culture in Ancient Greece
  • Laugerud, Henning: To See With Eyes of the Soul. Memory and Visual Culture in Medieval Europe
  • Hermann, Pernille: Founding Narratives and the Representation of Memory in Saga
  • Ødemark, John: Timing Memories, Spacing Time – the Art of Memory and the Denial of Coevalness in Vico’s Scienza Nova
  • Amundsen, Arne Bugge: Churches and the Culture of Memory. A Study of Lutheran Church Interiors in Østfold, 1537–1700
  • Eriksen, Anne: Memorial, Sentiment and Exemplarity
  • Rosendahl Thomsen, Mads: Memory, Meaning and Presence
  • Selberg, Torunn: Places of Literary Memory. Undset’s Life and Literature in Narratives of Place
  • Österlund-Pötzsch, Suzanne: The Flexible Space: Finland-Swedish Descendants in North America

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