Arv. Nordic Yearbook of Folklore
Årgång: 2013


  • Kanerva, Kirsi: "Eigi er sá heill, er í augun verkir." Eye Pain in Thirteenth- and Fourteenth-Century Íslendingasögur.
  • Klintberg, Bengt af: Three Aetiological Tales about Birds: the Swallow, the Diver and the Hazelhen.
  • Fjalldal, Magnús: A Scandinavian Link to Sir Gawain and the Green Knight?
  • Kjœr, Bjørg: Pedagogical Learning Plans and Children with Special Needs: Transforming and Anchoring – or Maintaining and Negotiating?
  • Rogan, Bjarne: Sigurd Erixon on the Post-War International Scene. International Activities, European Ethnology and CIAP from 1945 to the mid 1950s.
  • Anttonen, Pertti: Lost in Intersemiotic Translation? The Problem of Context in Folk Narratives in the Archive.
  • Gunnell, Terry, Klein, Barbro, Lindow, John, Oring, Elliott, Skott, Fredrik, Tangherlini, Timothy R., Valk, Ülo & Weiss, Haim: Discussion. Why Should Folklore Students Study "Dead" Legends?

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