Arv. Nordic Yearbook of Folklore
Årgång: 2014


  • Guðmundsdóttir, Aðalheiður & Ohrvik, Ane: Magic and Texts. An Introduction.
  • Tolley, Clive: The Peripheral at the Centre. The Subversive Intent of Norse Myth and Magic.
  • Guðmundsdóttir, Aðalheiður: The Narrative Role of Magic in the Fornaldarsögur.
  • Mitchell, Stephen A.: Leechbooks, Manuals, and Grimoires. On the Early History of Magical Texts in Scandinavia.
  • Skott, Fredrik: Passing Through as Healing and Crime. An Example from Eighteenth-century Sweden.
  • Ohrvik, Ane: A Hidden Magical Universe? Exploring the Secrets of Secrecy in Early Modern Manuscripts.
  • Stark, Laura: Magic and Witchcraft in Teir Everyday Context. Childhood Memories from the Nineteenth-century Finnish Countryside.
  • Raudvere, Catharina: Meeting Hardship, Illness and Malice. Valter W. Forsblom and His Documentation of Healing Practicies in Swedish-Speaking Finland 1913–1917.
  • Klintberg, Bengt af: Bo Almqvist, 1931–2013.

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