Arv. Nordic Yearbook of Folklore
Årgång: 2018


  • Line Esborg & Katrine Watz Thorsen (OSLO): Editorial. New Perspectives on Scandinavian Skillingtrykk
  • Siv G0ril Brandtzreg (TRONDHEIM): Singing the News in the Eighteenth Century
  • Astrid Nora Ressem (OSLO): From Crowded Streets and Seasonal Fisheries to Remote Paths and Kitchens
  • Kristiina Savin (LUND): Paintings in the Heart
  • Osten Hedin (STOCKHOLM): Songs in Swedish Volksbiicher and Chapbook Stories
  • Hans-Hinrich Thedens (OSLO): Broadside Ballads and Singing Styles
  • Karin Strand (STOCKHOLM): With a Rough Piece of Twine
  • Knut Aukrust (OSLO): Life Prisoner and Master Thief

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