Ethnologia Scandinavica
Årgång: 2016


  • Lars-Eric Jönsson: Editorial.
  • Lisa Wiklund: Cosmopolitan Imaginaries and Local Realitieas. The Welfare State Perceived as a Restriction and Ideal for Swedish Tech-entrepreneurs in Europe and the US.
  • Ida Tolgensbakk and Annie Woube: Sweden and Swedishnessfrom Migrants Afar.
  • Anne-Sofie Hjelmdahl: Dress and Dance. The Staging of Multiple Temporalities in an Art-Historical Setting.
  • Arja Tutunen: "I Am A Skirt Person". Resistance to Women's Trouser Fashion in Oral History Narratives.
  • Anna Rauhala: Collaborative Knitting. Experiencing Tradition and Space.
  • Marie Haulund Otto: Implied Meal Partners. Etnographic Accounts of Elderly Participants in a Clinical Intervention and Their Meals.
  • Andréa Wiszmeg: Cells in Suspense. Unboxing the Negotiations of a Large-Scale Cell Transplantation.
  • Jeppe Engset Høst: Changing Rural Paradigms. Rural Ethnology between State Interest and Local Activism.

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