Ethnologia Scandinavica
Årgång: 2019


  • Lars-Eric Jönsson: Editorial.
  • Håkan Jönsson: Tales from the Kitchen Drawers. The Microphysics of Modernities in Swedish Kitchens. 
  • Kajsa Kuoljok: Reading the Reindeer. New Ways of Looking at the Reindeer and the Landscape in Contemporary Husbandry. 
  • Lauri Turpeinen: Sensations of Arriving and Settling in a City. Young Finnish Rural Out-migrants’ Experiences with Moving to Helsinki. 
  • Magnus Öhlander, Katarzyna Wolanik Boström & Helena Pettersson: Returnees’ Cultural Jetlag. Highly Skilled Professionals’ Post-Mobility Experiences. 
  • Mikkel Venborg Pedersen: Danish Gentlemen around 1900. Ideals, Culture, Dress. 
  • Tone Hellesund, Sasha Roseneil, Isabel Crowhurst, Ana Cristina Santos & Mariya Stoilova: Narrating and Relating to Ordinariness. Experiences of Unconventional Intimacies in Contemporary Europe. 
  • Kim Silow Kallenberg: Between Care and Punishment. Fantasies of Change and Progress in Ethnographies of Compulsory Care. 
  • Ann-Charlotte Palmgren: “Young Women Dominate the Blogosphere”. Portrayals of Teenage Girl Bloggers in Swedish Media. 
  • Lise Camilla Ruud: Oil as Heritage. Toponymies and Temporalities on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. 
  • Blanka Henriksson & Ann-Helen Sund: Knowing Fatbergs. Waste as Matter, Monster and Mystery. 
  • Reviews.

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