For many years, the Board of the Royal Gustavus Adolphus Academy held its meetings on the premises of the then Swedish Place-Name Archives, in the Deanery (Dekanhuset) in Uppsala. For plenary sessions of the Academy, various temporary venues had to be found. Quite naturally, therefore, the question of a permanent headquarters was often discussed, especially in the 1950s, when the need became increasingly pressing. Various solutions were considered, including constructing a new building with facilities for the Academy’s activities. The preferred option, though, was to seek to acquire an old building with academic traditions.  

An excellent opportunity to do that arose when the Gotland Student Nation decided to build new premises on Östra Ågatan and wished to sell its old home, a venerable stone building on the adjoining plot on Klostergatan. 

Negotiations took place in the autumn of 1957, led by the Academy’s Treasurer, the builder Anders Diös. On 1 December 1957, the property was acquired by the Academy for the sum of SEK 190,000. Alongside negotiations on the purchase, careful estimates were made of the cost of remodelling and refurbishing the building to make it fit for use by the Academy. The figure arrived at was a further SEK 170,000. 

Thanks mainly to Anders Diös, but also to contributions from other supporting members, the necessary funds could be raised. Work began as soon as the Academy had taken possession, and affected virtually the whole of the building. The Academy’s new headquarters was officially opened on 3 December 1958 in the presence of HM The King. 

The Academy’s property at Klostergatan 2 in Uppsala now serves as the venue for most plenary sessions of the Academy. Conferences and symposia also take place here. The ceremonial Annual Gathering of the Academy on 6 November, on the other hand, is held at Uppsala Castle.