Ethnologia Scandinavica. A Journal for Nordic Ethnology
ISSN 0348-9698

Ethnologia Scandinavica publishes peer-reviewed articles in English covering all ethnographic aspects of material and social culture. In addition, it includes reviews, biographical notes and reports reflecting ethnological contributions and activities in the Nordic countries. The publication profile is ethnological and ethnographic. 

The journal welcomes both traditional articles, presenting investigations, cultural analyses and their results, and methodological and theoretical articles. Its aim is to mirror what is going on in Nordic ethnological research, but also to be a part of its development. Although Ethnologia Scandinavica draws its articles, reviews and biographical notes from across the Nordic region, its impact is not restricted to those countries. As well as in the Nordic region, it is read in the rest of Europe and the world. 

Peer review:
Manuscripts are collected and given a preliminary reading and review by the members of the Editorial Board and the editor. An initial assessment is made by the editor. If a manuscript is judged to have the potential to be developed into an article, it is sent for peer review to two independent and anonymous reviewers. 

Prof. Lars-Eric Jönsson, Lund, 

Assistant Editor:
Margaretha Tellenbach, Bjärred,

Editorial Board: 
Prof. Marie Riegels Melchior, Copenhagen,
Prof. Birgitta Svensson, Stockholm,
Prof. Anna-Maria Åström, Åbo/Turku,
Prof. Tove Fjell, Bergen,
Prof. Valdimar Hafstein, Reykjaviík,

Editorial Office:
Division of Ethnology
Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences
Lund University
Box 192
SE-221 00 Lund

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