Studia anthroponymica Scandinavica. Tidskrift för nordisk personnamnsforskning.
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Studia anthroponymica Scandinavica (SAS) is a Nordic personal names journal that has appeared once a year since 1983. Since Volume 27 (2009), it has been published by the Royal Gustavus Adolphus Academy for Swedish Folk Culture, in collaboration with the Department of Onomastics, Uppsala, of the Institute for Language and Folklore. 

The journal is a scholarly forum for contributions in the field of personal names research. These include etymological, grammatical, historical, semantic, sociological and stylistic studies of anthroponyms, together with articles on methodological and terminological issues and on personal names policy and legislation. Contributions deal with anthroponyms in all the Nordic countries and how they have spread outside the region, in both modern and earlier times. All personal names used in the Nordic region are taken into account, irrespective of their linguistic origins. SAS also includes a review section covering recently published literature of interest to personal-name scholars. 

SAS seeks to underline the close relationship of the study of personal names not only to other onomastic and linguistic research, but also to ethnology, genealogy, history, comparative literature, cultural history, history of religions and sociology. 

The journal was launched in 1983 by Thorsten Andersson and Lena Peterson. Between 2001 and 2010, the main editors were Eva Brylla and Lena Peterson. From 2011 to 2014, SAS was edited by Eva Brylla and Katharina Leibring, who were joined in 2014 by Lennart Ryman. Since 2015, the journal has been edited by Katharina Leibring and Lennart Ryman. 

SAS receives financial support from the Nordic Board for Periodicals in the Humanities and Social Sciences (NOP-HS). 

Contributions to SAS are welcome in any of the Scandinavian languages (preferably Danish, Norwegian or Swedish) and in English or German. All articles are published with an abstract in English, and those not written in English are also provided with a summary in that language. 

All articles submitted are reviewed by the editors and anonymously by two peer reviewers outside the editorial team. 

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Katharina Leibring,
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Minna Saarelma-Paukkala, Helsinki   

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